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The Apostle Simon

St Simon was one of the twelve Apostles – but perhaps the least well known - and received the Holy Spirit with the others on Pentecost.

Welcome to Holy Trinity Orthodox Church

Holy Trinity Orthodox Church has continued in its mission to be a light of Jesus Christ to those in eastern Connecticut for nearly 100 years. The transition over nearly ten decades however, is quite noticeable.

While Holy Trinity was built by our forefathers, often immigrants from Europe, the present day Holy Trinity community is now comprised on many young families, small children and teens, and has always received much support from the local universities.

Although Holy Trinity is a small parish, being small has great benefits. Parishioners feel important, needed, and are nourished in this type of small environment. Fr Marc is able to spend individual time with each person who comes to us. Not all small parishes are called by our Lord to be large parishes. We are comfortable being who we are, and feel being a smaller community has significant advantages.

An iconostasis of eight full-length icons done in the traditional Byzantine style with gold leaf, immediately captivates those who enter the church. The beautiful lime wood hand-carved Royal Doors (“Beautiful Gate”) done in Sofia, Bulgaria, serves as an invitation to enter into the Kingdom of God. With a choir that sings all responses in English, it is easy to lay aside all earthly cares when one enters in the prayer of the church.

We extend a very warm invitation to join us for Divine Liturgy each Sunday morning at 9:30. Please stay with us for fellowship during Coffee Hour where light refreshments are served.

All liturgical services are in English.  ALL are welcome.

Tupperware Fundraiser

Katrina Fetzko has arranged a Tupperware fundraiser that runs until October 25th.  40% of each purchsase goes to support Holy Trinity Orthodox Church.  Click:  Fundraiser to place your order today!  If you're intersted in hosting a Tupperware party click more information to download the application.

Happy Birthday Sonja

Members of the Holy Trinity church community, along with several visitors from a neighboring church in Connecticut, came together to celebrate a surprise 78th birthday of our beloved Mrs Sonja Chowanec today. Sonja was born in New Jersey on September 27, 1937.

An Inside Job

Last weekend faithful parishioners - Bob Dolan, Frank Kaputa and Ziv Kaputa - took on much needed electrical repairs and upgrades. A number of improvement activities are planned in preparation for Holy Trinity to Host the Regional Diocesan Assembly this coming October.

18th All-American Council Report

Reader Stephen Bradford attended the 18th All-American Council on July 20-24, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia.  Steven attended as the HTOC delegate and summarized his experience for us.  Click more information to read Steven's report.

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Holy Trinity Orthodox Church

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