Baptisms of Anna Rose and Alexander Fetzko - 12/11/11

A wonderfully blessed and moving day where the baptism of young twins was celebrated with many in our immediate and extended parish family.
A radiant day begins...
Morning sun relfects off the cross and cupola
The church stands silent
Preparations are complete
The tetrapod glows in the morning light
Fr Marc is ready to welcome Alexander into the Church
Fr Marc prepares to bless the water and is helped by altar servers Nik Hutnik and Michael Dolan
Fr Marc censes the baptismal font
Morning sunlight illumens our prayer
Godparents Med Daigneault and Dot Sinchuk stand with Anna Rose
Fr Marc blesses the water...
Anna Rose receives chrismation from Fr Marc
As does her brother Alex...
Alex is held by Godmother Maria Daigneault
Godmother Dot comforts Anna Rose just before her baptism
Anna is baptized by Fr Marc
Alexander is baptized by Fr Marc
Godfather Frank Kaputa dries Alexander with his receiving cloth
Mother Katrina holds Anna Rose with her baptismal garment
Fr Marc blesses Alexander's baptismal garment
Father places a cross around Anna Rose's neck
Godfather Frank holds Alexander while Fr Marc places a cross around his neck
Sunlight streams through the windows as Fr Marc anoints Anna's forehead
Fr Marc anoints Alexander's feet
Fr Marc leads a procession three times around the baptismal font
Chris Masterjohn reads today's Epistle in a wonderfully melodic chant
The parish children assemble to lead the Great Entrance procession
Today Alexander and Anna Rose lead the way
Father presents the gifts of bread and wine helped by altar servers Amadeo Ruiu, Nik Hutnik and Michael Dolan
Anna Rose is presented before the altar she clutches her Divine Liturgy book
Fr Marc brings Alexander into the altar
Children play by the Christmas tree
Godmother Dot Sinchuk works tirelessly to prepare for the celebration after today's Baptismal Divine Liturgy
Gifts for the Sponsors and treasured family photos
All of our parish friends and family celebrate with a meal together
Fr Marc catches-up with Anna Rosko - Great-Grandmother to Anna Rose
God bless Anna Rose and Alexander - many, many years!